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Hello! You are visiting:

Bedhead Project Emporium

which is the personal website of me, Jonathan Tiu. It is a place where I can consolidate all my projects into one address. Topics include: digital illustration, comics, and fictional game design.

This site is updated as content is produced, and you are welcome to visit projects here as they develop.

Profile and information about me


twitter / tumblr / dA
(Check out the tumblr for sketches and more frequent updates)

This gallery contains illustration work that I feel is representative of the art I make (which is cartoony and colorful).
"Parapet Vanguard" is a concept for a vast, story driven RPG.
"Breatkthrough Region Beta" is a concept for a fighting game based around a group of young psychic fighters in the suburbs. [pending, no art yet]
Named after the unpredictable and intensely burning star, "Luminous Blue Varmints" is my idea for an off-the-wall, boss-centric 3d shooter. [pending, no art yet]
In 2011 I set out to publish a webcomic and Bedhead was the result. The results were mixed, and it never progressed to chapter 2. But you can read chapter 1 here!
Here is a collection of game work I have done in a collaborative setting. I hope to do more collaborative work in the future. (links to old page for now)
I occasionally take photos, especially when traveling. Here are some that I thought came out OK. (links to old page for now)
Mostly random game stuff: Pixel art, 3d models, etc [pending]
Sometimes I come across an esoteric (or at least forgotten) video game with art or gameplay worth sharing. This page attempts to document some of them. [no content yet!]